Working on transmission issues with a multi-stakeholder panel and a transmission business. Designing an interactive game to develop understanding of costs, impacts, skills required and other supply chain issues.

Developing a Theory of Change to look at supply chain remedies for exploited workers.

Recruiting lifeguards, producing appraisal and rota systems for my local sea pool.

Finalising a report on benthic monitoring options.

Working on a multi-day, multinational workshop on keeping radioactive material secure.

Apestock – making a mini-festival of music and ideas in my back garden.




Stakeholder engagement review – interviews with a large team of stakeholder engagement officers in WWF on their experiences of working with people in the marine sector. The interviews will form the basis of a report on practice and what can be learnt for future projects.

Celebration – working with the BFI to host a day celebrating and learning from the last year of their community parties project.

Marine Management Organisation – co-lead on the design and delivery of three workshops on monitoring cetaceans, deep sea habitat and sea birds.

Environment Agency – training workshops in how to have less conflictual conversations with the public.

WINS – design and delivery of a workshop on the security of radioactive sources.

Development – improving sketching for graphic facilitation and improv for facilitation.

February 2016

Skills in play


Evaluation of three strands of social research looking at food security and data science. Paying attention in a different way to when facilitating, by having to think about what I observe and how it flows from one section to another. Informal chats with participants during breaks drift into the EU referendum and the absence of real information about the pros and cons of membership, and later, the emergence of early AI and the theory of mind. And afterwards analysis of evaluation forms and the notes and photos I took.

Process design for an action learning process with a network of stakeholder engagement workers working with users of the seas to the west of Britain and Ireland. How do we capture the journey people have been on over the last two years? What have we learnt about using limited resources to engage and myriad of people across thousands of miles of coast and sea?

Workshop design for an international workshop on the vulnerabilities of sensitive sites. Applying workshop techniques to unique subject matter blending the need to elicit, reflect and decide with the imperative to maintain confidentiality!

Pro-bono consultancy on the setting up of a local charity – its constitution, governance, finding possibilities, staffing ethics and practices.



Thinking about the interaction, differences and compatibility of social research and public dialogue approaches. Are they mutually exclusive? How much work does it need to take the participative and iterative nature of dialogue, with its phenomenological aspects, and mould it into a tidy market or social research type approach, which will make clients comfortable? And is this comfort delusionary, as you cannot ever hope for certainty from a qualitative approach…or indeed a quantitative approach?

I could drone on for a while, but my conclusion is to avoid bidding for work where it’s clear I’m making up the numbers or being asked to retrofit my approach to something I can’t/don’t or won’t agree with. Better for all parties concerned that I stick to that which is adaptable, quizzical, enjoyable, meaningful and insightful.

Autumn 2015