Process design

You want to get somewhere, but you’re unsure who to talk to, what to talk to them about or even what you want to get out of the discussions. I’ll work with you to think about the answers to these questions, and the others that arise as we talk about them. Then we’ll design a process that works for both you and the people you want to talk to. Depending on your budget we can do a lot of planning; or we could use what Henry Mintzberg called a crafting strategy. I prefer the latter – it costs you less and causes me less stress.


Yes, I walk the talk. Most of my work is the doing of it. I enjoy the challenge of standing (or occasionally sitting) in front of a room of people and working with them to untangle the problem, see it with new eyes and work on an alternative that’ll suit more people.


Sometimes the problem is deep. And needs some more care in working on it. I started as a mediator back in the mid 90s. I was trained in community mediation – the toughest arena there is. I have seen empathy, compassion and the realisation of other’s rights in the darkest corners of inner city London. It can work, it often does; and when it doesn’t everyone is a lot clearer about why they’re in the mess they’re in.


As well as doing these things, I train people how to do them. I offer no certificates, because they are meaningless without practice. And I cannot offer experience on a training course. What I can offer is a set of principles, thought processes and approaches that’ll work for you in the boardroom or in the community. It’s up to you how you apply them.


I’m intrigued by many things. If you have an issue, an idea, a contention or some other less than well formed thing, then I’d be delighted to help you work on it. Sounds vague? It is, but sometimes you’ve got to get even more confused before you see the way forward.


Enough to give me a fairly good living and to enable you to value what I’m working with you on. Negotiated in a spirit of honesty.


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